Benevolently helps people create a practice of compassion.

Benevolently is a technology platform that provides curated opportunities for one person to help another without expectation of return. We bring people together for compassionate acts.

Enterprises use Benevolently to increase engagement and increase meaningful connections in the every day lives of their employees. 

Benevolently helps employees connect to themselves through their own acts of kindness and compassion to others.

Crisis of Meaning, Connection

In this time of Covid, economic distress and social  justice struggles, people need support and help in ways not seen in generations - and we need the unity and sense of shared purpose that altruism creates.

Luckily, there is also a surge of people who want to help and engage in this type of support.  Lots of these people don’t know how to help - where to start, how to engage, and to do so in a way that works for their own impacted lives. That’s where Benevolently comes in. 

Compassionate Acts

Benevolently is a platform/app that matches people in need with people who want to support them. It makes being a good person easy and creates the heart feeling of doing the right thing at a crucial moment.

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Doing Good actually Feels Good.

People have an innate sense that helping others is simply the 'right thing to do.'   Neuroscience research in recent years has proven that our brains are wired to be 'pro-social'; we are designed to be helpful to others for the continued survival of the species. 

Benevolently has combined this research with the best practices in mindfulness and social/emotional awareness, and incorporated these practices into our app and platform.

When a person in need receives an act of kindness from someone using Benevolently, not only is the benefit provided to the recipient, but the process provides benefit to the giver at the same time.

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Benevolently is a social venture enterprise, aimed at producing states of compassion and gratitude as our product.  We embrace a stakeholder approach to our business, and are focused on our environmental footprint, and committed to creating a culture that is diverse and equitable, and does not create harm.

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