Benevolently & Non-Profits

Benevolently works with non-profit organizations in a variety ways to be of service to those in need.

We are building a brand new model of altruism and compassion, by leveraging the capabilities of smart phones and the internet, to find new ways to bring people together to help one another, to leverage their unique skills and talents, and to bring benefit at scale.

Benevolently works with non-profit organizations in the common cause of being in service to those in need, by bringing additional volunteer resources to their existing efforts, by providing complementary services to the same client base, leveraging volunteer expertise to bring greater resources beyond what the non-profit already is capable of, and more. We want to think outside of the box and surpass the norm.

If you are interested in creating a partnership, let's have a discussion.

Carson D. Kelly


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Benevolently is a social venture enterprise, aimed at producing states of compassion and gratitude as our product.  We embrace a stakeholder approach to our business, and are focused on our environmental footprint, and committed to creating a culture that is diverse and equitable, and does not create harm.

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