Kindness without Constraints

A new basis for Kindness: Secular Ethics


Attendance in formal religious structure continues to drop. Younger people are no longer embracing their parent's religious affiliation. A recent study found that the number of nonbelievers has surpassed the number of Catholics as well as surpassed the number of Evangelicals in the United States.

Most people associate a moral system based on a religious framework. The Dalai Lama has taken it upon himself to address this need.

In his book, Ethics for the New Millennium, he presents a moral system based on universal rather than religious principles, or what he calls "Secular Ethics." Its ultimate goal is happiness for every individual, irrespective of religious beliefs.

Though he himself a practicing Buddhist, the Dalai Lama's teachings and the moral compass that guides him can lead each and every one of us—Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or atheist—to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Secular ethics is a branch of moral philosophy in which ethics is based solely on human faculties such as logic, empathy, reason or moral intuition, and not derived from supernatural revelation or guidance—the source of ethics in many religions.

Benevolently is a platform to promote secular ethics, and to power acts of kindness to generate empathy and compassion between two or more people, regardless of religion, race, social status or any other definition that might create division between two people.

Please join us in this effort.


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