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Our experience of the world can be overwhelming. 

With the advent of the commercial internet in the past 25 years, humans can now gain access to information on a scale totally unbeknownst to the older generations. We can see tremendous suffering on a scale that previous generations were not exposed to. Unfortunately, this can leave an individual feeling powerless to combat the social, political and environmental imbalances that we can see locally, nationally and internationally. 

As a result, we can succumb to a numbing or inward turn that attempts to shield us from this knowledge but leaves us with less empathy towards others.

We have felt this tension rise to great and growing heights after the 2016 election. Regardless of your political perspective, as a nation, we have focused on those things that divide us rather than unite us. As a nation, we share much more in common than we disagree with. We need to remember that, and we need to see each other not as an "Other", but as a fellow resident. 

Carson and Joe have been friends for 20+ years and have wanted to do a professional project that leverages our combined years of experience in social good, technology, and business, to do something to change the world in a positive way. 

To this end, we have created Benevolently.


The Empathy Challenge: Help another without expectation of return

Our challenge to you begins with setting your own view of helping someone without an expectation of return. The good feeling that comes from having helped someone for the sake of helping them without having an expectation for a return, is what we call “Goodness.” 

The secret in all of this is that helping others makes you feel great. You will feel connected, purposeful, and at ease.


1% of your time - 1 hour per week

Our challenge is for you to take 1% of your time in a week and commit to helping someone else in a fashion that is sustainable, and with tasks that you feel comfortable with. The Challenge doesn’t ask you to move mountains on a weekly basis, but to help someone else as your life allows.

Ongoing giving of your time. Weekly. 

We challenge you to treat this like a new “layer” or aspect to your life as an ongoing effort. Much like taking the time to go to the gym, or taking a dog for a walk, the Challenge of Empathy asks you to spend time doing something for another on a weekly basis. Benevolently will provide you curated opportunities that fit your schedule, your geographic area and skill set so that incorporating service to others will be with as little friction for your life as possible. 

You are the leader in kindness, instigating a new way of being towards others, and in your small part, changing the world.




Carson is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in technology start-up management, product development and enterprise software sales with a recent emphasis on the Wine industry.

Carson also has extensive experience in non-profit governance, having served on many Board of Directors for youth-based organizations. Additionally, Carson co-founded a civic engagement group with membership exceeding 4,000. 

Carson has been a student of the Dharma and root traditions as well as contemporary German and French philosophy, for 30+ years, studying the role of authenticity in those systems.



Joe is an experienced business executive with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, with a majority of roles as CEO. 

Joe has an extensive finance background in both social venture organizations and as a venture capitalist serving businesses in the  "People, Profit and Planet" space.

Finally, he also has extensive experience as a Founder in several large scale nonprofit medical organizations serving children diagnosed with a terminal or chronic illness.  




Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programs, LinkedIn

David Apgar


Director of Venture Lending, Lighthouse Bank

Sol Lipman


Serial Entrepreneur & EVP of Product at Owlcam Inc.

Conrell Woodson


Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Looker

Chris Arkenberg


Research Manager, Center for Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Deloitte

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Brad Howard


Rotary International Director
Chairman, Executive Committee, 2016-2017
Chairman, Communications Committee, 2017 - present


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